China is the world's most important producer and consumer of textile and apparel products. By the end of 2012, China's textile industry fiber processing accounts for more than half the proportion of the world, and the textile and garment exports totaled $ 254.9 billion, accounting for 1/3 of the world trade. According to the Textile Industry Reinvigorating Outline (2011-2020) by CNTAC, there are three major trends in the next 10 years, First, industrial upgrading, and pay more attention to innovation and sustainable development; the second is the rapid development of the domestic market, which is expected to maintain an annul growth rate of about 15%; Third, more Chinese enterprises to go abroad, and bulid their brand images globally. Therefore, the transnational industry and trade services will also be strengthened; We, China Textile International Commerce Center (iCntex) is set up in such a context.

 iCntex is an agency that is skilled enough to handle large cases and large clients, but also versatile enough to work with small and medium businesses in China.  We provide representation services for organizations that require official representation in China so as to be able to better engage local opportunities, source local products as well as enhance their global business profile. Our work is always cross-border – supporting international firms as they act in unfamiliar territory in China, or supporting Chinese firms as they venture out and 'go global'.

Our significant experience creates competitive advantages:


Exceptional bases of skills, knowledge, cultural astuteness and language abilities;

Varied backgrounds and good team composition comprising generalists and specialists;


Solid standardized processes and operating procedures;

Service quality control procedures at all levels;


Extensive networks among Chinese industry associations, trade associations, ministries, academic institutions and individual companies;

Long-established personal connections and relationships.