Day 1: Sustainability Basics Workshop, 9:00a-5:00p

As sustainability enters our job descriptions, responsibilities and ways of living, it is essential to stop and gather the fundamentals for the apparel and textile industry. This hands-on workshop provides just that opportunity with various group exercises. Spend the day with industry leaders and learn the basics of what is affecting our industry and how to move towards a sustainable future.

The main content of the Sustainability Basics Workshop will include:

·      Overview on the impacts of the apparel industry, socially & environmentally

·      Sustainable Materials – detailed descriptions on organic, recycled & cellulosic

·      Responsible Processing – dyeing & finishing

·      Ethical Manufacturing

·      Product Integrity, Transparency, Certification & Labeling


Day 2: Leadership Seminar: Communicating Sustainability - Is Anyone Listening?, 1:00p-5:00p

Engaging the consumer is one of the largest challenges facing the industry in the journey towards sustainability. How do we get consumers to care when they are berated by information constantly? How does a company engage with consumers and educate them on complex issues when there is only 5 to 30 seconds moment of engagement? And if we wish to do this at scale, is sustainability communication another suitable field for collaboration?  This workshop will explore insights into behavioral change, how we learn and what persuades us to act as well as trends in communication in an information overload time. An interactive and inspiring dialogue with an expert will be followed by group exercises covering industry case studies and key takeaways.

‘If we can't get the consumer involved, we will always be behind the curve.’ Marc Bolland, Marks & Spencer CEO @ 2012 Plan A stakeholder consultation.


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Workshop on Textile and Apparel Sustainability - NYC 2013

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