The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), established in October 1988, is the nation’s leading textile trade organization, with a membership of more than 12,000 companies. CCCT member companies, involved in the business of manufacturing, exporting and importing all kinds of textile fibers, yarns, fabrics, clothing, home textiles, industrial textiles and accessories, operate in 34 provinces and municipalities throughout the country. CCCT members, including Chinese manufacturers and foreign-funded operations, represent more than 70% of China’s import and export trade in the textile and clothing industry. 


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Chairman: Jiang Hui


The purpose of CCCT is to represent the interests of the industry and its members, and to promote the sustainable development of China’s textile and clothing trade. CCCT core functions can be summarized as "Coordination, Guidance, Consultation and Service".


The principal activities conducted by CCCT include:

  • Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of member companies, assisting them to overcome trade difficulties; presenting proposals to the government, and proffering reference for government policy-making;
  • Assisting the government to guide and regulate the business activities of member enterprises in compliance with the law; advocating self and mutual discipline within the industry with a view to curbing unfair competition; and maintaining normal import and export trade order;
  • Providing a preferential Export Credit Insurance Program for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to build up export confidence, expand exports and ensure payment security;
  • Preliminary assessment of the application for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises International Market Developing Fund (Textile and Clothing Segment);
  • Offering information on global textile and apparel market to members; promoting the nation’s trade policies; and providing members with information on economy and trade situation worldwide;
  • Providing members with information and consulting services on trade policy, market and industry trends, trade data, etc, through publication of the monthly TEXTILE TRADE EXPRESS, market reports, the CCCT website, and the Textile and Clothing Channel of the Ministry of Commerce website;
  • Organizing the Textile/Garment Area of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair); incubating and promoting export brands in textile and apparel industry;
  • Organizing members to participate in trade fairs at home and abroad, helping them to develop both domestic and international market;
  • Organizing various training programs, lectures, seminars and other related events in accordance with the interests and concerns of member companies;
  • Establishing dialogue mechanism with industry organizations of other countries; encouraging business exchanges and cooperation between member companies and their foreign counterparts through regular/annual meetings, information sharing and business matchmaking meetings;
  • Assisting members to solve trade disputes and cooperating with the related government departments to protect members’ Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Establishing a monitoring and early-warning system for textile and clothing products; organizing members to respond to foreign trade barriers, such as safeguards and anti-dumping cases against Chinese textiles and clothing;
  • Launching and promoting The Credit Grading and Estimationstandard for the country’s textiles and clothing industry;
  • Helping members upgrade their brand set-up and

CCCT has been continuously devoted to China’s textile and clothing trade. On the one hand, by improving its function and service provided, CCCT helps the enterprises out of the difficulties they are confronted with, thus protecting the industry’s interest. On the other hand, CCCT strives to accomplish various work entrusted by the government, and offers proposals and references for government policy-making.

As the bridge between domestic enterprises and their overseas counterparts, CCCT is willing to cooperate with textile organizations across the world and set up long-term partnerships to make joint effort for the prosperity of the global textile and clothing trade.













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China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT)

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