China Bast and Leaf Fibers Textile Association (CBLFTA) is a national association whose members are the enterprises or relating groups that plant, produce, trade or study the bast and leaf fibers or products that is originated from them.  CBLFTA is authorized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.




CBLFTA President: Xu Jixiang


Founded in April 1988, China Bast and Leaf Fibers Textile Association, as the industrial agency organization, is a national association voluntarily formed by relating enterprises, organizations, and association in the bast and leaf fibres industry, including raw material processing, textile production, technology, education, circulation, etc. China Bast and Leaf Fibers Textile Association is comprised of ramie textile, flax textile, hemp textile, jute textile organizations. Association carries out the work on the basis of the constitution. Technical committee, Ramie professional committee, Jute professional committee, leaf fiber professional committee are set up as branch organization. The purpose of CBLFTA is to improve the industry service and industry self-restrain. Its function is to act as the agency between the government and the enterprises. The range of business is :

l  formulating the rules of the industry,

l  establishing industrial self-restrain system,

l  protecting the whole interest of the industry,

l  proposing the industrial development plan, industrial development, technology and economics policy under the entrusting of the government,

l  studying the development of international and Chinese bast and leaf fiber industry,

l  organizing the conferences, consulting and news releases on the R&D, market information,

l  drawing up, modifying and advancing the industrial standards,

l  examining and advancing the new technical results,

l  working on the marketing development for bast and leaf fibers

l  organizing domestic and overseas market promotion and exhibition, international conference, training

l  editing and publishing CHINA BAST AND LEAF FIBRES TEXTILE

l  other activities that is beneficial for the industry




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China Bast and Leaf Fibers Textile Association

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