China Chemical Fibers Association, abbreviated as CCFA, is the national non-profit organization consists of chemical fiber enterprises, raw materials, additives, machineries and related universities and institutes formed on volunteer basis. CCFA is founded in 1993 with around 400 member enterprises spreading 28 provinces and cities all over the country. By the end of 2007, China’s total chemical fiber output reached 23.89 million tons. And the total capacity of CCFA’s members account for 91% of the national total.




CCFA President: Duan Xiaoping



Scope of services

l  To implement the governmental industrial policy and serve members’ interests;

l  To promote technical progress and the development of the whole industry;

l  To establish a self-regulation system among the industry through formulating industrial regulations and rules for the member companies;

l  To establish an extensive data collection and analysis system providing industrial information and guidance for its members;

l  To provide industrial information and advice to the government and cooperate with it on the development of new regulations and policies affecting chemical fiber industry;

l  To conduct regular technical, market and general economic background studies;

l  To promote international exchange among china chemical fiber industry and those of other countries and areas in the field of technology, market and information through organizing conference, forum and exhibitions;

l  Involvement in many other issues affecting the industry and its producers

CCFA focuses its task on 12 special committees and 2 working committees as PET and Polyester staple fiber committee, Polyester filaments yarns committee, non-fiber PET committee, viscose committee, nylon committee, acrylic committee, cord fabric committee, olefin committee, PVA & Vinylin committee, special functional fiber committee, information working committee, and industrial standard committee.




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China Chemical Fibers Association

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